Ultimate Gear includes all Weapons, Armor and Droids which cannot be crafted directly, but instead must be created by combining a level 10 piece of crafted gear with any Prism (forged from 10 Shards at the Prism Forge) at the Ultimate Forge. Though Ultimate Weapons as a rule are superior to crafted weapons due to their higher base stats, they are best known for their unique quirks. Other ultimate gear, apart from ultimate droids, do not possess unusual properties, though they are still endowed with superior base stats.

Shards & Prisms

There are 3 types of shards and 3 respective prisms. Shards can be obtained from monster drops, looted from chests and harvested from resource nodes while on a Challenge Level 1+ planet, though they sometimes appear as rewards for completing Quests. The higher the challenge level, the higher the drop rate of shards. Mobs have an equal chance of dropping any of the three shards. The drop chances at Challenge Levels 1, 2 and 3 are 2%, 4% and 6%, respectively.

Shard image Prism image

Crafting Stations

These two stations, only found in Mech City, are used in the process of creating ultimate gear:

Prism Forge


Prism Forge

Use to combine 10 shards of the same color into one prism. This station functions similarly to the Emblem Forge and the Trasher: click the button, then click on sufficiently large stacks of shards to make prisms.

Ultimate Forge


Ultimate Forge

Combine level 10 crafted gear with Prisms to craft ultimate gear. Rarity and mod configuration are preserved, but gear level is reset to 1.

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