The Starlight Rebellion is currently one of four functional Allegiances in Roguelands, the others being the Galactic Fleet, the Church of Faust, and the Gray Enigma. If you choose the Starlight Rebellion as your allegiance on Character Creation, your allegiance level will track your progress as a Starlight Rebel through the storyline.

Starlight Rebellion

To begin the storyline, talk to Rebel Roland above Kylocke's Treasures. He is the brown-haired character on the right. Starlight Effie is the blonde on the left. Generally, both NPCs will always have something to say, but for brevity, only the minimum dialogue required to advance the storyline up to the storyline choice is included.

Rebel Roland explains his request to you:
  • "Don't listen to her. Starlight MUST leave the Galactic Federation!"
  • "We've fought for our independence from tyrannical governments before. This is no different."
  • "Please, bring back 10 Orichalcum and give them to me. Don't fall for her lies!"

Do as he says, and he will show gratitude:

  • "Thanks a ton! With this Orichalcum we can construct some weapons in case the Galactic Federation decides to come for us."

Now move over to Starlight Effie and talk to her to get her perspective:

  • "Starlight is a planet that flourishes because it is a member of the Galactic Federation."
  • "This talk of corruption and 'freedom' is just propaganda to convince people to help further his twisted agenda."
  • "Please go to the Deep Jungle for me and find the Starlight Treaty that was conveniently stolen from us. I won't let Roland plunge Starlight into an age of chaos!"

Travel to the Deep Jungle. You will see a blue orb near spawn containing the Starlight Treaty. Touch the orb or hit it with an attack to release the Starlight treaty. However, this triggers a large Space Pirate ambush, and Lenny yells at you remotely: "RUN!!! THE SPACE PIRATES SET A TRAP!!!" Survive the ambush (and the rest of the planet) and give the Starlight Treaty to Effie. As she examines it, she says this to you:

  • "This treaty... This will change everything! This is the last piece of the puzzle that will convince Starlight to stay within the Federation."
  • "WHAT!? Someone hired SPACE PIRATES to steal and guard this treaty!?"
  • "I'm asking you, PLEASE don't trust Roland. His rebellion has only caused a divide within Starlight. His motives may not be what you think they are!"

Go over to Roland and inquire as to whether he was the one that hired the Space Pirates. He denies this:

  • "I don't know anything about these Space Pirates. This was just a publicity ruse that Effie planned!"
  • "How convenient is it that the evil ROLAND would illegaly [sic] hire Space Pirates to steal Starlight's Treaty."
  • "Don't believe her for one second. Please, speak to Broccolius Seizer in the Byfrost. He'll convince you that I'm right about Starlight."

Travel to the Byfrost and find Broccolius Seizer. If you have trouble finding him within the first couple of Byfrost planets, closing the game and re-opening it should fix the problem. When you find him, talk to him, and he will say this:

  • "In my many adventures I've never seen a planet in such peril."
  • "Starlight is a planet of peace. It was one of the first planets to establish itself as a world completely united, and was very capable of governing itself."
  • "Roland knows that Starlight's power is slipping away while it remains in the Galactic Federation."
  • "Go speak to Ringabolt in the Desolate Canyon. He's got a top secret document that will shed light on the corruption going on within the Galactic Federation."

Travel to the Desolate Canyon and look for Dragonslayer Ringabolt. When you find him, you discover that he is dead. Investigate the corpse:

  • "[Ringabolt's mutilated corpse is propped up, his own axe lodged into his armor.]"
  • "[Something falls onto the floor...]"

You receive a Ruined Clue from the corpse (this can be done multiple times if you want to stock more Ruined Clues in storage for other characters). Take it to Roland, and he will say this:

  • "Ringabolt... He was MURDERED! He had what our Rebellion needed to thwart the evil Galactic Federation."

Go over to Effie and ask whether she was behind the murder of Ringabolt. She denies any part in his death as she replies:

  • "Ringabolt's death was not my doing."
  • "Roland has a murky history of weird events and odd deaths littered throughout his campaign."
  • "This was probably his last effort to convince you and Starlight's people of how 'corrupt' the federation is. He'll stop at nothing to further his agenda!"
  • "So what will it be, citizen of Starlight? Will you help me preserve our home planet's security? or join Roland and grant HIM ultimate power over Starlight?"

You are now presented with a Storyline Choice:

Roland's rebellion and Effie's army will be meeting at Mech City, the birthplace of Starlight's freedom and democracy. The result of this conflict will determine Starlight's entire future.

  1. I believe Roland. Starlight deserves to govern itself, even if there is risk.
  2. I believe Effie. Starlight's leave of the Federation would be catastrophic.
  3. Forget this political crap I'm killing everyone when I go to Mech City.

Choice 1:

Choosing to side with Roland will end the conversation with Effie.

Effie will say this if you talk to her again:

  • "NO! You can't possibly be siding with him!"
  • "My army and I will decimate you and Roland. We will continue to keep Starlight a prosperous planet!"

Roland will now say this if you talk to him:

  • "I knew you would make the right choice."
  • "Come join me brother, and we'll fight for Starlight's freedom!"

Go to Mech City when you are ready for the final battle. When you arrive, you will encounter Starlight Effie (Boss), and as she begins to attack, Lenny says this:

  • "Uh oh... Effie looks pretty mad!"

If you kill Effie, you will loot a Rebellion badge from her remains. Talk to Roland now, and he will say this:

  • "We Did it. Effie and the Galactic Federation will bother Starlight no more!"
  • "A victory well earned, my friend. Starlight's bright future is all thanks to you"

Choice 2:

Choosing to side with Effie will end the conversation with her.

Effie will say this if you talk to her again:

  • "I knew you would make the right choice
  • "Together we will defeat Roland and his twisted agenda once and for all."

Roland will now say this if you talk to him:

  • "What!?! You TOO!? How could you be a such [sic] blind pawn in Effie's plans!?!?"
  • "You're on the wrong side. Freedom will be victorious in the battle in Mech City."

Go to Mech City when you are ready for the final battle. When you arrive, you will encounter Rebel Roland (Boss), and as he begins to attack, Lenny says this:

  • "Roland is coming after you! Watch out!!!"

If you kill Roland, you will loot a Starlight badge from his remains, Talk to Effie now, and she will say this:

  • "We Did it. Roland's rebellion has been quelled and starlight will remain in the Galactic Federation."
  • "Everything always falls into place..."

Choice 3:

Choosing to kill everyone will end the conversation with Effie.

Effie will say this if you talk to her again:

  • "Fine, I'll destroy you too."
  • "Out of my way!"

Roland will now say this if you talk to him:

  • "If you won't help me, then you're my enemy!"
  • "If I see you on the battlefield, I'll kill you myself."

Go to Mech City when you are ready for the final battle. When you arrive, you will encounter both Starlight Effie (Boss) and Rebel Roland (Boss), and as they begin to attack, Lenny says this:

  • "Both Roland AND Effie are attacking! Go get em, cadet!"

If you kill both Roland and Effie, the one that dies later will drop a Justice badge for you to collect. The Azazel, Messenger of Destruction boss unlock occurs once both Roland and Effie are dead.