You fight against Starlight Effie in Mech City if you take Choice 1 or 3 in the Starlight Rebellion storyline. You will need to get an Ion Ticket to get there.


Lenny: "Uh oh… Effie looks pretty mad!"

And after that the boss fight is started.

Effie's Attacks

  • Pink wall that moves either to the right or left (depends on which way Effie is looking)
  • 2 pink Space Pirates spawn
  • Shoots 10 pink magic balls at you (similar firing style to Tyrannog's ranged attack)


Rebellion Badge

When Effie is defeated you will get the Rebellion Badge if you took Choice 1. This can be placed in your ship for decoration. It has no other purpose than that.

If you took Choice 3, Effie will drop the Justice Badge if she dies after Roland does.

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