Starlight Effie is an NPC that can be found above Kylocke's Treasures in the Market along with Rebel Roland. She is heavily involved in the Starlight Rebellion Allegiance story, given on the Starlight Rebellion page.

Starlight Effie also appears as a boss: Starlight Effie (Boss).


If you talk to Starlight Effie and your allegiance is not Starlight Rebellion:

  • "You don't look like you're a denizen of Starlight."
  • "I don't have time to deal with outsiders like you!"

If you talk to Starlight Effie as a level 1-2 Starlight Rebel:

  • "Roland is full of nonsense. Starlight won't last a year without being governed by the Galactic Federation."
  • "Economic instability, chaos, and an uncertain future lies with us if we decide to leave."
  • "Don't listen to Roland!"

If you talk to Starlight Effie as a level 6 Starlight Rebel:

  • "That Broccolius... He's nothing but a sneaky Veggie Knight that will do anyone's bidding for the right price."

If you talk to Starlight Effie as a level 7 Starlight Rebel:

  • "Roland thinks he can rule Starlight all by himself without the aid of the federation. Nonsense!"

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