Slivers spawn upon touching vines in Challenge Levels in the Deep Jungle.

Slivers will chase the players until death. When receiving damage, they move backwards for about 1s. Slivers have 150 HP

Drops Gear Mods, Shards, and Credits.


  • Touching a vine will only cause one altar to spawn a Sliver.
  • I recommend having AoE Damage in the Deep Jungle to clear Slivers.
  • Pay attention when touching vines since it also causes the Hivemind to spawn.
  • You can use Slivers to farm Credits, Gear Mods and Shards. (Recommendation: Mage with Ice Wall (Ultimate Weapon) or Gunner with Piercing Shots to clear Slivers, one or more players to spawn Slivers)

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