Roguelands, through text and item design, references a lot of pop culture. In particular, there are a lot of references to Magicite, an earlier game by the person behind Roguelands, though many other works are also referenced.

Magicite References

  • The Trogon race appears again in Roguelands. In addition, the description for the race states that "their planet of origin was overtaken by a big purple monstrosity;" this likely is referring to the Scourge.
  • In The Forbidden Arena, one of the legendary foes listed when you examine the book on the podium is Axelark IV, The Machine Knight. It's fairly safe to assume that Axelark IV is related to Axelark III, the Spirit Knight.
  • Just below Kylocke's Treasures, you can find a Peon wielding a tool that is quite similar to an Ironite Pickaxe.
  • One of the items used to complete the Galactic Fleet storyline is called "Magicite", making it a very direct reference.
  • It is possible to buy an Overworld Helm from Old Earth, which appears as an unlockable hat in Magicite. In addition, an Overworld Uniform exists which is not yet unlockable, and a Peasant Uniform also exists (it is difficult, but not impossible, to unlock).

Mythology References

  • Several Ultimate Weapons make references to various mythologies - see the page for specific references.
  • The Gallahad Ring is named after Sir Galahad, one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian mythology. Another Knight of the Round Table, Sir Percivale, is referenced by an NPC, a Weapon, and several pieces of Armor.
  • Ragnarok, a Sword, is named after the end of the world in Norse mythology.
  • Atalanta's Eye, a Combat Chip that benefits DEX-focused characters most, is named after a huntress in Greek mythology who was the first to draw blood from the Calydonian Boar

Other References

  • Several Ultimate Weapons and Armor pieces make references to various aspects of popular culture - see both pages for specific references.
  • The Metalgear Uniform and its description are evocative of the Metal Gear Solid series in general and Solid Snake in particular.
  • The 4th Age theme used by several top-end items is a reference to 3rd Age equipment in Runescape.
  • The Isaac Helm and Armor are suspiciously similar in appearance to Isaac Clark's suit in Dead Space 2.
  • The Oculus Goggles Augment is a minor reference to the Oculus Rift, a device which allows people to become immersed in virtual reality.
  • Golden Eye, a Gun, looks vaguely similar to the Golden Gun from the James Bond franchise. In addition, the name is identical to that of a certain James Bond villain.

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