Rebel Roland

Rebel Roland is an NPC that can be found above Kylocke's Treasures in the Market along with Starlight Effie. He is heavily involved in the Starlight Rebellion Allegiance story, given on the Starlight Rebellion page.

Rebel Roland also appears as a boss: Rebel Roland (Boss).


If you talk to Rebel Roland and your allegiance is not Starlight Rebellion:

Rebel Roland in dialogue
  • "You don't look like you're part of the Rebellion."
  • "Get lost, buddy. Something real bad is about to happen to my home planet!"

If you talk to Rebel Roland as a level 1 Starlight Rebel (only the last line is said if you are instead a level 2 Starlight Rebel when you talk to him without the goods):

  • "Don't listen to her. Starlight MUST leave the Galactic Federation!"
  • "We've fought for our independence from tyrannical governments before. This is no different."
  • "Please, bring back 10 Orichalcum and give them to me. Don't fall for her lies!"

If you talk to Rebel Roland as a level 3 Starlight Rebel:

  • "This rebellion is the single greatest event of our history. Leaving the corrupt Galactic Federation will allow us to soar to new heights as a free planet!"

If you talk to Rebel Roland as a level 4 Starlight Rebel:

  • "Effie is just a pawn of the Federation scum! I've dedicated the rest of my life to bringing Starlight out of the darkness and into true sovereignty."

If you talk to Rebel Roland as a level 7 Starlight Rebel without a certain quest item:

  • "Effie has deeply rooted ties within the Galactic Federation. She is CORRUPT!"

If you talk to Rebel Roland as a level 8 Starlight Rebel:

  • It's all over now... I suppose Starlight will be staying in the Galactic Federation and we'll lose all power and sovereignty."

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