The Quest Board found above Trasher

Quests are a random set of tasks for the player to complete in exchange for rewards.

Quest Board

Current quests can be accessed at Questbot's Quest Board above the Marketplace in the Ship and in towns.

Players are given 3 random quests, but can refresh the list of quests at the cost of 1500 credits.


The interface of the Quest Board

Quest Types

Types of Quests include:

  • Deliveries: Players must collect a number of items. Place the items into the quest's box to complete the quest.
  • Defeats: Players must slay a number of monsters. Bosses must be defeated on a planet with the given Challenge Level (no Challenge Level if none given), but quests involving other monsters do not have this restriction. (Defeats on a different Challenge Level will not end the quest!)

Quest Levels

Increasing difficulty will increase the number of monsters, challenge level, or items for greater rewards.

  • White - Common
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Gold - Legendary


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