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Old Earth Planet

Old Earth is a Town like planet with item stalls which contain the unique NPC armors and helms as well as advanced Combat Chips.

It is accessible after purchasing a Remembrance Ticket and using it to gain 3 portal uses at the ship's Planet Selector.

Wealth Trophies and Champion Badges are used to purchase items.


Item Price
Special Helmets 10-20 Wealth Trophies
Special Combat Chips 5-10 Champion Badges
Stat X Combat Chips 5-10 Champion Badges


This is not a safe zone, which means there will be chances of encountering space pirates or meteor showers. So be aware of leaving your screen in that area.

There is a glitch with the old earth wealth trophy stand, it will claim you have insufficient scrap metal instead of credits, despite requiring credits to purchase.

There is a portal at the end of the shop that gives you access to another Old Earth Planet (refreshes items).

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