10 Lenny

Lenny is an NPC located in the same room as Captain Atlas and the Aether Reactor, just above the market in the NPC hub of the player's Ship. The player is most likely to first encounter Lenny by way of him giving hints and warning to the player regarding each planet.


"HELLO good friend!!!"

"My name is Lenny and I'll be your personal navigator during missions."

"Together we will conquer the galaxy and... UHH I mean defeat the monstrous Destroyer."


Lenny (Boss) will appear in Mech City as a boss if any player chooses to side with the Destroyer and kill all of humanity. Captain Atlas will get mad at you and rush off to defeat the Destroyer himself, and will do so successfully, but die in the process. Upon arriving here at that point, Lenny will describe what happened and blame the player for Atlas' death, cueing the battle.