Ironclad is an Ultra Boss unlocked after defeating 1000 monsters in the Ancient Ruins area.

Health: Unknown, very roughly around 250k-500k


Contact: Unknown

Summon Swords (Works like Gruu's attack, but with way more projectiles firing at a faster rate.) Approximately does around 75 damage.

Summon Chakrams: Ironclad summons a bunch of Chakrams that are then shot sideways and spread out, as they randomly fly up and down. Approximately does around 75 damage.

Summon Shadow Minion: Summons an enemy that has the same AI as Caius' summons. They are possibly slightly slower. HP: 2500 (Pretty sure about that one, but feel free to correct me if you find a more precise number) Damage: Unknown

Kill Exp: Unknown


Able to drop Caius monster card

Instead of dropping a full Ironclad armor set, he drops two Ironclad H