Exodus is the Ultra Boss for the Molten Crag zone and the strongest Ultra Boss in the game. It is unlocked after killing 1000 creatures in the area, then talking to Monster Crafter Olaf in the Market. It shares an appearance and an attack pattern with Moloch, Ruler of the Spirit Realm. On death, Exodus may drop Exodus A, or Exodus H, the best armor in the game.


  • Melee: Colliding with Exodus will damage the player for 99 HP.
  • Spirit Sphere: Exodus will launch 5 consecutive spheres from underneath him that will travel towards the player, fanning out to cover a large area dealing 1 damage and ~97% of Burn, Frost and Poison debuffs per sphere touched. This attack is always directed at the current location of the player and every shot is aimed independantly, so if you simply walk in a direction they are most likely not going to hit you.
  • Spirit Bomb: Exodus will place faint black circles close to the player that after a very short time will explode in a wide radius like Plasma Grenades, dealing 99 damage per explosion.


  • Always fight in a clear and open area.
  • Almost never stop moving while fighting Exodus, since all of his attacks are directed at your current position.
  • A very easy way of dodging his attacks is know when they'll come. Before using Spirit Bombs Exodus will moan, so you'll know when to run.
  • Using Monster Trainer uniform makes the fight way more easy since it will literally makes his Spirit Spheres completely useless.
  • Null damage potions will allow you surviving one more hit against his Spirit Bombs attack since the damage will be cut into 49.
  • Since he is probably the boss with most HP in the game, fighting Exodus can easy take 1 hour if you're playing in single or just have a bad DPS.