The Creation Machine is a device only found in Cathedral towns. It allows you to use Tier 4 - 6 emblems to craft rare gear. Like the Gear Forge, you must use 3 different emblems before you are allowed to start forging; unlike the Gear Forge, the emblems do not all need to be the same tier. Crafts that do not give rare rewards instead give Credits, Loot or Emblems.

Rare Rewards

Each kind of emblem used in the Creation Machine gives a 5% chance to craft a certain rare item. Therefore, you always have a 14.2625% chance to get a rare reward when you are using the Creation Machine.

Ore Emblem Rare Reward Plant Emblem Rare Reward
Zephyr emb

Zephyr Emblem

Star Fruit emb

Star Emblem

Flamethyst emb

Flame Emblem

Aether Bulb emb

Aether Emblem


Existence Emblem


Chaos Emblem

Monster Emblem Rare Reward Bug Emblem Rare Reward
Beast Heart emb

Beast Emblem

Thunderworm emb

Thunderworm Emblem

Shiny Scale emb

Shiny Emblem

Glowfly Emblem

Glowfly Emblem


Ectoplasm Emblem


Plasma Emblem


Creation Machine Interface