Catastrophia is the Ultra Boss for the Deep Jungle zone. It is unlocked after killing 1000 creatures in the area, then talking to Monster Crafter Olaf. It shares an appearance and an attack pattern with Hivemind. On death, Catastrophia may drop Catastrophia A, or Catastrophia H.


  • Melee: Colliding with Catastrophia will damage the player for 70 HP.
  • Poisoned bullets: Shoots venom balls that deals 50 damage and inflicts 9% poison on contact. This attack is always directed at the current location of the player and every shot is aimed independently.
  • Darkned smoke: Catastrophia creates dark projectiles that leaves a black trail near its body. On contact, it will damage the player for 60 HP and inflict 4% poison. This attack moves around randomly in angulations of 90 degrees towards the player.


  • Catastrophia moves faster than Hivemind, so be careful when you are getting close.
  • NulDamage potion, Monster Trainer uniform or Anti-poison potion can make the fight much easier. Even bubble can do a significant difference.
  • Poisoned bullets attack is the more problematic, so be careful to don't get trapped in a wall while Catastrophia attacks, always fight in a clear and open area.
  • For some reason, it seems each eye of Catastrophia count as a hitbox, so piercing attacks can do a lot of damage.