Broccolius Seizer

Broccolius Seizer is a NPC that has a chance to spawn in The Byfrost. When talking to him there is a rare chance that he will reward the player with a Broccoli Helm or Broccoli Armour. Otherwise, he will give you some Globs of Aether.

If you are on a certain step of the Starlight Rebellion storyline, Broccolius Seizer will have new dialogue for you, but he will revert back to his usual dialogue if you talk to him a second time.


  • "Hmmmmmmm quieres un bate de carne ?"
  • "I know, this is a rather cold planet for a Veggyknight."
  • "What? You've seen Dragonslayer Ringabolt!? That hammer-headed buffoon owes me a rematch."
  • "I've managed to salvage this from the junk I bought in Mech City. Take it!"