Baalfog is a spawnable boss in The Forbidden Arena. He is unlocked by completing the Galactic Fleet storyline. It has an AI similar to that of Moloch, and it drops gear optimized for Darkmages.


Its first attack, seemingly the worst attack, is where Baalfog will use the giant spheres on top of it and push them out into a horizontal direction. It is similar to the Ancient Golem attack where he spawns 3 spheres and launches them, except these spheres return back to the head. This attack does 70 damage on contact.

The second attack is its charge attack where, similar to the Plaguebeast, it will charge towards your location. It moves about as fast as the Destroyer. It damages on contact and hits for 20 HP with the main body (the spheres still hit for 70 damage, even when not being actively thrown at you).

The third attack is a summoning attack similar to Caius' swords or Gruu's sword or Perceval's Wand, but instead of swords they're medium-sized balls of ice that do 10 damage and spawn for an unknown amount of time (when amount is found please edit). They also inflict about 20-25% of the Frost effect.

Its last attack is another summoning attack. This one spawns enemies, Frost Beasts that on contact inflict Frost and 5 damage, and have a lot of HP.


It drops 8000 experience, around 5000 credits (range for credits currently unknown), and around 100 scrap metal. However, there may be a mechanism in place to discourage farming by reducing the experience reward by up to 50% (further research is required to determine whether it actually exists).

Baalfog also has a chance to drop Baalfog's Avalanche, Baalfog's Eye or Baalfog's Suit.

Frost Beasts also have a chance to drop an Ancient Beast Card

Baalfog Battle

Baalfog launching its spheres to the right.

Challenge Level

Baalfog and its minions gain more health and damage if the player enters the Forbidden Arena while a Challenge Level is in effect.

Challenge Level 1

Name HP Damage EXP Drops
Baalfog, Overseer of the Ice Dimension Melee: 20

Spheres: 70

Ice Meteors: 10 (+4% Frost)

Credits: ???

Scrap Metal: ???

Frost Beast Melee: 10 (+4% Frost) Credits: ???

Challenge Level 2

Name HP Damage EXP Drops
Baalfog, Overseer of the Ice Dimension Melee: ??

Spheres: ??

Ice Meteors: ?? (+?% Frost)

Credits: ???

Scrap Metal: ???

Frost Beast Melee: ?? (+?% Frost) Credits: ???

Challenge Level 3

Name HP Damage EXP Drops
Baalfog, Overseer of the Ice Dimension Melee: 38

Spheres: 87

Ice Meteors: 28 (+?% Frost)

15,000 Credits: 100-7000

Scrap Metal: 75-150

Frost Beast Melee: 23 (+4% Frost) 0 Credits: 0